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Make the Most of Home – Fall 2020 Edition

When we first posted our Make the Most of Home series, we had just started quarantine.

We were just like you – uncertain of what the future would look like, feeling hopeful that we would pull through, and trying to find gratitude in small daily moments. Now that we’re headed into fall, we’re facing more uncertainty – school will be different (in person, at home, digital …) and our normal fall activities will be altered. So, we’ve rounded up the latest tips, tricks and inspiration to help you continue to Make the Most of Home.


Make it encouraging!

Now, more than ever, it can be tough to stay positive every day. Chalkboards, letter boards and printables/posters are a great way to add some uplifting messages to your home office or class room. We even created a free printable to get you started! (Click here for standard paper size, here for poster size.)

In the mood for a DIY? Make your own letter board.

Want a different look? Try this DIY Letter Board Ledge.


Make it meaningful!

As we move into a new season of the upside down world of 2020, one of the easiest ways to keep gratitude and positivity in your daily routines is to find ways to make the most of the small moments. As your kids head into a school routine, try to set your family up for success with new morning and evening routines that focus on gratitude and intentionality.

Need help setting up school routines for your kids? Try these morning + evening printables.

Want to add a bit of encouragement to your day? Grab this free lunchbox note cards printable.


Make it Homey!

Since we’re all home more often these days, it only makes sense to make school and work homey and cozy, while still getting stuff done (this might be the only year we get to wear yoga pants every. single. day.)

Upgrade your space with these school room ideas for your house.

Grab a soothing playlist to help study time or school time a bit cozier.

How are you making the most of home right now? We love seeing your beautiful families and homes. If you use any of the ideas we’ve include here, use the hashtag #MyBRGHome so we can see and share the love! ❤️

Ready for your own #MyBRGHome? We have updated several of our listings with virtual walk throughs. Shop for homes from the comfort of your own couch!


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